VALANIA e- shop is the electronic shop that displays and disposes of the products of the Greek company VALANIA, having its registered seat at Afroditis 1, Nea Smirni, Attica, Greece, via Internet. Before visiting our e-shop and navigating our website, we ask you to review the following terms and conditions, which apply specifically to the use of the e-shop of VALANIA located at Please ensure that you agree with the following terms and conditions since any further use and navigation of the website entails your express and unconditional acceptance and consent.


VALANIA reserves the right to unilaterally modify or renew the present terms and conditions applicable to the transactions effected via its e-shop, according to its needs and business usages. VALANIA undertakes the obligation to inform the users of any modifications and changes, through the website of this e-shop. Changing terms does not apply to orders you have already made.


VALANIA is bound for the quality, completeness and validity of the information cited in its website, regarding both the accurate data displayed and services provided by the e-shop, without prejudice to any technical or typographical errors, that could not have been foreseen or have arisen unintentionally, as well as to any discontinuations of the websites operation due to force majeure.


VALANIA is not liable towards customers /users for damages that may occur from the execution or not of their order. It also reserves regarding the delivery time of the goods in case of force majeure. The e-shop cannot warrant the availability of the products, but undertakes to inform the final consumers in due time regarding the unavailability and the return of money if paid. The e-shop provides the content (e.g. information, names, photos, pictures), the products and the services available through the website «as is». The e-shop of VALANIA is not liable for any legal or civil and/or penal claims nor for any damages (direct losses, special damages or consequential losses, which indicatively and not restrictively, alternatively and/or cumulatively consist of loss of profits, data, pecuniary compensation etc.) suffered by visitors of the website or by third parties due to the operation or not or/and the use of the website or/and the failure to render services or/and information provided by the website or/ and any inadmissible interventions of third parties in products or/and services or/and information available through the website in any case.


This website is the official e-shop of VALANIA. The entire content of the website, including images, graphics, photos, designs, texts, rendered services and products are intellectual property of VALANIA and are protected by virtue of the relevant provisions of Greek law, European law and International Conventions. Any copying, analogue/digital recording and mechanical reproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, remaking, creation of derivative work or misleading of the public regarding the true provider of the website’s Content, is prohibited. Any reproduction, republication, loading, announcement, dissemination or transmission or any other use of the Content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes, is allowed only subject to prior written permission on behalf of VALANIA or any other lawful owner of the abovementioned intellectual property rights. Names, images, logos and distinctive marks which represent VALANIA or/and its e-shop and third parties with whom they have entered into agreements, as well as their products or services, are exclusive trademarks and distinctive marks of and the abovementioned third parties and are protected by Greek, Community and International laws on trademarks and industrial and intellectual property. In any case their display at the website, as well as at the e-shop of VALANIA shall not be considered as transfer or assignment or license to use in any way.


Users of the website accept and acknowledge that they will not use the e-shop of VALANIA for sending, publishing, sending via e-mail or transmitting in other ways any content which is illegal, harmful, menacing, offensive, annoying, libelous, defamatory, vulgar, infringes upon confidential information of third parties, is malicious or reflects racial, national or other discriminations, can be harmful to minors in any way, cannot be transmitted according to law or contractual or administrative relations (e.g. inside information, proprietary and confidential information known or revealed within the framework of labor relations or covered by confidentiality agreements), infringes upon any patent, trademark, trade secret, intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of third parties, contains software viruses or any other codes, files or programs designed in order to cause discontinuation, damages, destruction of either the hardware or the operation of any software or computer material, intentionally or not is in breach of the Greek and Community legislation and their provisions, as in force, can cause annoyance to third parties in any way, as well as any content used for the collection or storage of personal data concerning other users.


VALANIA acknowledges how important the security of your personal data and your electronic transactions is and takes all necessary measures, according to the most updated and advanced methods, in order to ensure the maximum security for you. All information in relation to your personal data and your transactions is safe and confidential. In any case the e-shop of VALANIA does not reveal or publish your personal data and the information that you entrust us in any way.


When visiting and in order to order products, but also to ensure the possibility of communication with you, so that we can keep you informed of our new products, it is possible to ask for your data (such as name, profession, e-mail, date of birth etc.). Any personal data, that you input in the web pages and services of are exclusively used in order to ensure the operation of the corresponding service and cannot be used by any third party, without complying with the provisions of L. 2472/1997 on the protection with regard to the processing of personal data, as in force. The e-shop of VALANIA operates according to Greek and European laws, as in force, and keeps your personal data secured for as long as you are registered in any of the services of Personal data are deleted following your request. Personal data which you input in the e-shop are used exclusively by VALANIA for the purpose of supporting, promoting and executing the transaction. Data stored in our files can be notified to the competent judicial, police or other administrative authorities following lawful request and according to the legal provisions each time in force. The Customer, within the framework of the legislation on privacy in telecommunications, has the right to be informed and to object according to articles 11-13 of L. 2472/1997.


We offer shipping worldwide. Greece Shipping is carried out by courier service porta-porta of ELTA. Shipping time is usually 1-3 days. Internationally shipping is carried out by courier service DHL or Greek post ELTA. Shipping time is usually 5-7 days, depending on location. We will do our best for the fastest and safest possible delivery wherever you are located, however we can not guarantee that there might occasionally be delays for which we are not responsible or accountable for.


Cancellations are only accepted before the order has been dispatched. If the order has been dispatched prior to the cancellation, we cannot cancel the transaction. The order will be considered valid and you, the Customer will remain liable for the full payment. Please make any cancellations by phone to +30 210 935 22 66 or by email: .


You have the right to return the products you purchased only in cases where there was a defect in them due to proven fault of our company and within 7 days of receiving them. In this case you are entitled to a full refund or replacement. The consumer has the right to withdraw without reason within 14 calendar days of receipt of the product in accordance with Law 2551/1994 (as amended by K.Y.A. Z1-891/2013).


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You can place your order online or through email. 1. Visit, browse through our products and shop online. Once you complete your order you will be able to choose way of payment, type of receipt, see your shipping cost, leave a message with your order and give your shipping details. Once you complete the process you will receive a confirmation email 2. You can place your order by email, we will get back to you within 24-48h with confirmation email and details of your order.


We accept payments 1) By credit card securely through Pay Pal where you can process your payment without needing to have an account 2) By bank deposit. 3) By credit payment off line. Please send us your credit card details and we will proceed with the necessary charges. We do not keep, share or process, your personal banking details in anyway. You will receive a confirmation mail once your payment has been processed. com


For any information or clarification please do not hesitate to contact us by email or by calling +30 210 935 22 66.


In case you are a professional and you interested in wholesale prices or supply of hotel soaps, we are at your disposal. You can contact us by e-mail or by phone at +30 210 935 22 66.